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0000673Other Unix PortBugpublic2018-01-25 14:21
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PlatformOS2/eCSOSOS/2 or eComstationOS Version1.x 2.x or 4.5
Summary0000673: openssl-1.02k-os2-20170408 ignores -in for "openssl req -x509 -in csrfile ..."
DescriptionThis occurs for openssl-1.02k-os2-20170408. The older
openssl-1.0.1j-os2-20141219 works as expected.

Given a command of the form

openssl req -x509 -in SERVERca.csr -key ../private/SERVERpriv.key -out ../private/SERVERca.crt -days 380

which builds a self-signed certificate given a Certificate Signing Request and a Private Key, the -in parameter appears to be ignored. Openssl prompts for values contained in the CSR which should not occur.

If needed, I will prepare a testcase private key and CSR.
Steps To Reproduce1. Prepare a CSR and Private Key
2. Issue the openssl req -x509 command

The certificate should be creating with no prompting.
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