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0000482CUPS for OS/2 & eComStationFeature Requestpublic2021-04-09 19:28
ReporterbobviragoAssigned Topsmedley 
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PlatformpcOSecs 2.1OS Versionecs2.1
Summary0000482: how print binary file with ecups
Descriptioni installe ecups 003 .wpi for my epson photo r300 with usb port

the installtion is correct i think , i can print a photo with Pmview or texte with epm

with the web interface i cant make a nozececk or a clean hd for epson r300

i have 2 binary files NC nozzecheck cln cleanhd
 with my old driver epson870
 i do print /b nc or print /b cln
How i can do that with cups
Steps To Reproduce   i try also to move NC file on the printer icon

    print /b nc
Additional Information later question try to print a cd image on mY cd tray , i dont work
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2011-07-31 15:41

administrator   ~0001948

I would try using lpr.exe from \cups\bin


2011-08-01 07:31

reporter   ~0001949

Last edited: 2011-08-01 09:33

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i try lpr -o raw nc or lpr -l nc dont work

i try this with the cups command file format

ok is working

i create a file name clean
              Clean all

   lp clean ::: it make a clean head

i do same thing with testpage
            file testpage


   lp testpage ::: it print my test head pattern

 it dont work with thw web interface


2021-04-09 19:28

administrator   ~0003623

bww now maintains CUPS

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