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Summary0000099: Codec - Xine/ffmpeg MCD
DescriptionHave you looked at the xine-lib port from Darwin O'Connor, but unfortunately he has no more time to update it.

So far I know the xine-lib is based on ffmpeg and Darwin made a MCD stuff for OS/2 so it is used like an ordinary codec.

I use Warp Vision and it works great, but it is not system wide support for multimedia files.
Additional InformationDarwins page:

Original xine page:
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2006-10-23 09:55

administrator   ~0000369

I took a very quick look at this over the weekend. The current implementation of pthreads isn't complete enough for Xine. Full pthreads support is in the roadmap for libc 0.7 - but not sure when it will be available.

When/if I have some free time I'll take a look at what can be done to improve the current pthreads build.

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