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0000769Samba Server10public2022-09-11 02:19
ReporterDavid McKenna Assigned To 
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PlatformIntel i3-8100OSArcaOSOS Version5.0.7
Summary0000769: Sys0008 when browsing SAMBA share version 4.13 and newer
DescriptionWhen browsing a SAMBA share using SAMBA server version 4.13 or newer with any client, evventually browsing fails with an out of memory (sys0008) error on the command line, or shows '0 files' using the WPS. Also files cannot be opened directly on the share (like pdf, jpg, or wpi files) and mp3's cannot be played.
Steps To Reproduce Browse a server share using the WPS from a client. Within 5 minutes the condition will present itself.
Additional Information Have been using the ArcaOS 4.11.6 version successfully for awhile now, even with newer clients. Running newer servers (using the same smb.conf file) exhibits the described behaviour with any client.

 I captured a trace from using the 4.15 server (sys0008.ftf) and the ArcaOS 4.11.6 server (nosys0008.ftf) for about 6 minutes each. Zipped them up and attached the zip file. The 4.15 server showed sys0008 errors in a couple minutes, the 4.11 server never does.
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David McKenna

2022-09-07 06:43

reporter   ~0004560

I captured some ndpsmb log files on the client while browsing the SAMBA share - I'll upload. Went back and forth from a command line window and a WPS window. At 16:45 the command line window started giving the sys008 error (almost right away). The WPS window started showing some known full directories as '0 files' at 16:48. I stopped collecting log data once the WPS windows always said '0 files' and the command prompt always showed sys0008. (666,729 bytes)

David McKenna

2022-09-07 06:48

reporter   ~0004561

Forgot one...
ndctl.log (1,048 bytes)   
NetDrive for OS/2(R) Control Program version May 09 2017

16:43:59.760: 2022-09-06

16:43:59.760: NDFSDIR environment variable found: C:\Programs\NDFS
16:43:59.760: NetDrive working directory is C:\Programs\NDFS
16:43:59.760: File system driver name is NDFS32.
16:43:59.770: NetDrive configuration file 'C:\Programs\NDFS\ndctl.cfg' has been processed.
16:43:59.770: Registered Version

16:43:59.770: Registered to David McKenna

16:43:59.770: [   local] internal plugin has been initialized.
16:43:59.860: [  ndpsmb] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.860: [  ndpftp] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.860: [ ndpntfs] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.860: [  ndpiso] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.880: [  ndpdav] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.880: [  ndpudf] (level 2) plugin has been loaded.
16:43:59.880: Initialization completed. The control program is running.
16:49:15.320: NetDrive Control Program has been interrupted by File System Driver.
ndctl.log (1,048 bytes)   

David McKenna

2022-09-07 06:54

reporter   ~0004562

I didn't explicitly mention that both the Server and client are running on ArcaOS 5.0.7 computers. Have not tested any other OS yet.

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