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0000763Samba Server10public2022-07-10 08:38
Reporterdazarewicz Assigned Topsmedley  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformAMD SMPOSArcaOSOS Version5.0.7
Summary0000763: Server (smbd) dies needlessly after producing a warning in the log file
Description  [2022/07/02 13:46:57.487000, 0] ../../lib/param/loadparm.c:1136(lp_set_enum_parm)
    WARNING: Ignoring invalid value 'SHARE' for parameter 'security'
  [2022/07/02 13:46:57.487000, 0] ../../source3/smbd/server.c:1803(main)
    error opening config file 'D:\MPTN\ETC/samba/smb.conf'

Sure, it's a warning but it got ignored. It shouldn't be fatal.

The second error seems wrong since it obviously opened the file to parse the previous
Additional Information[global]
    workgroup = AZARNET
    server string = David A
    security = SHARE
    null passwords = Yes
    guest account = guest
    username map = D:\MPTN\ETC\samba\private\smbusermap
    log file = D:\MPTN\ETC\samba\log\log.smbd.%U.%M
    time server = Yes
    load printers = No
    printcap name = E:\etc\printcap
    enumports command = E:\samba\enumports.cmd
    add user script = E:\samba\usermod.cmd -a "%u"
    rename user script = E:\samba\usermod.cmd -r "%uold" "%unew"
    delete user script = E:\samba\usermod.cmd -x "%u"
    add group script = E:\samba\groupmod.cmd -a "%g"
    delete group script = E:\samba\groupmod.cmd -x "%g"
    add user to group script = E:\samba\groupmod.cmd -j "%g" "%u"
    delete user from group script = E:\samba\groupmod.cmd -l "%g" "%u"
    set primary group script = E:\samba\usermod.cmd -p "%u" "%g"
    add machine script = E:\samba\usermod.cmd -a "%u"
    lm announce = Yes
    wins support = Yes
    add share command = E:\samba\addshare.cmd
    change share command = E:\samba\changeshare.cmd
    delete share command = E:\samba\delshare.cmd
    lock directory = D:\MPTN\ETC\samba\lock
    nmbd bind explicit broadcast = No
    comment = David Azarewicz
    create mask = 0777
    ea support = Yes
    store dos attributes = Yes
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2022-07-10 01:04

reporter   ~0004457

Samba server version is: 4.11.6-ArcaNoae


2022-07-10 08:26

administrator   ~0004466

I can reproduce this here.


2022-07-10 08:31

administrator   ~0004467

I might try reproducing this on linux. Agree it seems odd, but the code in server/smbd.c is:
    if (!lp_load_initial_only(get_dyn_CONFIGFILE())) {
        DEBUG(0, ("error opening config file '%s'\n", get_dyn_CONFIGFILE()));

I'll need to did deeper, but 'error opening config file' appears to relate to an error with one of the directives inside the config file, not an error opening the file itseld.


2022-07-10 08:38

administrator   ~0004468

Looks like something else that needs to be handled either by the rpm, or in migration:

The setting appears to have been deprecated in 0000487:0002012 - and probably removed later.

Without a valid security setting, the server dies. The log messages suck, but I'm not intending to address core Samba code.

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