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0000758Apache 2.x Feature Requestpublic2022-05-31 03:29
ReporterSteven Levine Assigned ToSteven Levine  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOS2/eCSOSOS/2 or eComstationOS Version1.x 2.x or 4.5
Product Version2.4.53 
Target Version2.4.53Fixed in Version2.4.53 
Summary0000758: Add support for BeginLibPath httpd directive.
DescriptionThe httpd/php combination requires that php.dll can be found in LIBPATH or BEGINLIBPATH. This is usually accomplished by hardcoding the required values in CONFIG.SYS or a wrapper script.

This ticket proposes adding support for a BeginLibPath directive to httpd. If would localize the required settings to httpd.conf with is convenient.

This is similar to how ticket 0000755 avoids the need to specify the httpd modules directory external to httpd itself and the implementation can share some of the existing code.
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2022-05-28 08:37

administrator   ~0004366 will be up shortly and will contain this PR.

Steven Levine

2022-05-31 03:29

manager   ~0004372

This feature appears to be working as intended.

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