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0000715Subversion for OS/2 & eCSBugpublic2020-08-22 18:16
ReporterLewisR Assigned Topsmedley  
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Summary0000715: Subversion 1.14 skips line endings in console output
Descriptionsvn.exe (and likely the other executables) seems to wrap text in the command window instead of properly breaking.
Steps To ReproducePerform an operation requiring authentication.
Additional Information{0}[j:\subversion] svn up j:\devel\svn14-snap-test\
Updating 'J:/devel/svn14-snap-test':
Authentication realm: <svn://hawking:3691> c7a4dfb0-a67f-11ea-8391-9fa00ff01a97
                                                                               Password for 'root':
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2020-08-22 09:14

administrator   ~0003486

Investigating now... using Andi's example from os2world of:
Log message unchanged or not specified
                                      (a)bort, (c)ontinue, (e)dit:
The actual code in subversion\svn\util.c is:
                   _("\nLog message unchanged or not specified\n"
                     "(a)bort, (c)ontinue, (e)dit:\n"), NULL, pool));

so I need to work out what SVN_ERR is doing with that string...

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