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0000706RsyncBugpublic2020-03-03 09:26
ReporteremaxAssigned ToSteven Levine 
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Summary0000706: rsync freeze completely the server when rsync bkup are running (rsync used as client)
Descriptionrsync version protocol version 31 (os2-perms)
Built by Steven H. Levine Oct 27 2017 23:45:11
Built with GCC 4.9.2

OS: eCS 2.1 + latest AN driver pack (installed on bare metal)
Server: SuperMicro Intel Xeon 4 core 2,4Ghz, 4GB ram

(this happens also with previous build 3.0.9 by Steven)

when starting scheduled rsync bkups (but also if i start them manually)
example of rsync-bkup script:

rsync -hirp2tX --stats --delete --password-file=.\myusers rsync://user@ x:\weasel >>y:\logs\rsync_mail.log

this server also run the same build of rsync as daemon

the server freeze even if i kill rsync daemon and i only use rsync as client starting rsync-bkup scripts scheduled or manually
the server freeze on both kind of bkups "myserver -> another eCS server" or "myserver -> NAS"

Steps To Reproducei can simply run one of the rsync bkup scripts and wait the server will freeze during the bkup soon or later
most of the times after just few seconds

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Steven Levine

2020-03-03 09:26

manager   ~0003386

Defective hardware replaced.

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