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0000696Subversion for OS/2 & eCSBugpublic2019-09-02 06:03
ReporterThomasikusAssigned To 
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PlatformThinkpad T43OSeComStationOS Version2.1
Summary0000696: Files containing Swedish characters cannot be added
DescriptionA file whose name contains one or more of the Swedish characters åäö cannot be added.
Using local svnserve (same machine) with svn: protocol (svn://localhost).
Steps To ReproduceSet up a local repository (using svnadmin) and start svnserve to work with this repository on svn://localhost.
I then try to add a file, thus:
[d:\prevas\testsvnmapp]svn add "radiostationer förklaring.sdw"
svn: warning: W155010: 'D:/Prevas/testsvnmapp/radiostationer förklaring.sdw' not found
svn: E200009: Could not add all targets because some targets don't exist
svn: E200009: Illegal target for the requested operation
Additional InformationI do realize that this behaviour could be a compromise to avoid other bugs, such as the previously reported problems with Unicode characters in filenames.
If you need any further information, I will gladly provide it.
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