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0000683Subversion for OS/2 & eCSBugpublic2019-03-12 12:40
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PlatformIBM Thinkpad T43pOSecomStationOS Version2.1
Summary0000683: 'svn add' interference with either 'file' command or its magic.mgc file
DescriptionCommand 'svn add' results in a very long printout of rather meaningless text with a reference to the 'magic.mgc' file that is the database for the 'file' command. Addition of files works but the pointless print is very annoying. Files with captured (piped) print text are included. Renaming the 'magic.mgc' file avoids the printout but then the 'file' command cannot be used.
Steps To ReproduceCreated a directory svntest in directory D:\Prevas on my machine, then created a repository in it with 'svnadmin'. Started the SVN server with the command
    detach svnserve -d -r d:\Prevas\svntest\
It seemed to work well and I created three test directories Projekt1, Projekt2 and Projekt3 in the repository. Then I made a working copy directory, testsvnmapp, also in D:\Prevas, and made it the working copy of Projekt1 with the command
    svn checkout svn://localhost/Projekt1 . (while being in testsvnmapp)
This worked well and I proceeded to copy some random small files to the working copy testsvnmapp and added them to the project with
    svn add * or
    svn add <file>
To my surprise, this gave a very long screen print of useless data, even if the files were added correctly.
Additional InformationThe print of useless data (captured and included in text files) seems related to the 'magic.mgc' file which is located at D:\usr\share\misc\magic.mgc. That path is contained in the environment variable 'magic' so that 'file' will find it. I tried renaming the 'magic.mgc' file (then the 'file' command "could not find any magic files" and didn't work) which resulted in a clean output from the 'svn add' command.
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