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0000668ScummVM for OS/2 & eComStationBugpublic2016-05-27 20:08
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Summary0000668: ScummVM does not load the file .scummvmrc by default
DescriptionScummVM does not load the default configuration file (.scummvmrc) when run with no switches, so although it runs none of the user saved options load.

The following error message is given:

WARNING: FSNode::createReadStream: 'bin' is a directory!

which makes me think that it is trying to read the directory rather than the configuration file (though I may be wrong in this interpretation).

It will load the default configuration file if you type "scummvm -c .scummvmrc" (without the quotes), after which ScummVM works as expected, but it should not need the use of any switches to run correctly with the default config file.
Steps To ReproduceUsing the command line, CD to the directory containing ScummVM.exe and run ScummVM.exe without any switches.
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2016-03-28 04:16

administrator   ~0003112

Where do you have scummvm installed? It's likely hardcoded to look in /scummvm/xxx for the config file. If you've moved the directory out of this location, it may struggle to find it without some code hacks....


2016-03-28 22:50

reporter   ~0003113

scummvm.exe is located in the directory \scummvm\bin which is the location within the zip file. It is also the same location as used by previous releases of ScummVM, and they did not have this problem.


2016-05-22 06:40

administrator   ~0003114

looking at the code, it seems to expect .scummvmrc to be in the HOME directory


2016-05-26 23:20

reporter   ~0003115

On downloading ScummVM 1.8.1 and finding the same problem I checked the readme to see if anything is mentioned there. Under section 8.0 I found the following (relevant UNIX segment shown only):

By default, the configuration file is saved in, and loaded from:

    We follow the XDG Base Directory Specification. This means our
    configuration can be found in:

    If XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined or empty, '~/.config' will be used
    as value for XDG_CONFIG_HOME in accordance with the specification.

    If an earlier version of ScummVM was installed on your system, the
    previous default location of '~/.scummvmrc' will be kept.

Comparing with older readmes (1.7.0 and 1.8.0 I see that a configuration file change occurred in ScummVM 1.8.0. My reading of the above is that it should still load .scummvmrc but perhaps it is looking for the file in path for XDG_CONFIG_HOME, though this is something I will have to test tomorrow.

One test I have done, however, is to set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to the partition where I have installed ScummVM (set XDG_CONFIG_HOME=X:\ if ScummVM is found under X:\scummvm) then run ScummVM. On doing this it creates a configuration file called scummvm.ini in the directory X:\scummvm.

Regarding the XDG Base Directory Specification, is this going to implemented for all OS/2 ports of UNIX-like programs that use the specification?


2016-05-27 20:08

reporter   ~0003116

I've completed the tests, despite setting XDG_CONFIG_HOME ScummVM will not automatically load .config or .scummvmrc but insists on loading (or if it does not exist, creating then loading) scummvm.ini from the 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME'\scummvm directory.

So as things stand there two ways to make OS/2 ScummVM 1.8.0 and later to load the configuration file. Either set XDG_CONFIG_HOME and let ScummVM create/load scummvm.ini from the relevant directory, or use the -c command switch to create/load the configuration file you want.

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