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0000654Port RequestsPort Requestpublic2016-01-03 10:37
ReporterLewisRAssigned Topsmedley 
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Summary0000654: Consider building mod_evasive for Apache 2.2 and 2.4
Descriptionmod_evasive is potentially useful in mitigating DoS attacks against Apache.
Additional InformationMore information may be gleaned from the (apparent) source page:

and here: (some possibly interesting additions) (fork for Apache 2.4)

I'm primarily concerned with Apache 2.2, at this point, but I can see an upgrade to 2.4 in the coming months.
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2016-01-03 08:04

administrator   ~0003078

Hi - the way I read the docs, mod_evasive works by updating the iptables rules - which won't help on OS/2 -

It does seem though, that it can process a script to update a firewall - can injoy firewall rules be updated via a rexx script?


2016-01-03 08:43

developer   ~0003079

I thought that iptables only comes into play if you want to add a permanent rule via DOSSystemCommand. Other than that, the rules are merely held in memory until the server is restarted.

You seem to be reading the above differently than I, Paul. Anything in the sources, I wonder?

I've asked Yuri to comment on updating InJoy rules via REXX, in the meantime.


2016-01-03 08:49

administrator   ~0003080

I only had a quick read - I'll see if I can have a crack at building it soon


2016-01-03 09:05

administrator   ~0003081

Built from

NOT tested by me - (for Apache 2.2)


2016-01-03 09:09

developer   ~0003082

FWIW, Yuri says:

[...] you can modify the blacklist configuration file and ask
IJFW to refresh configuration.

He couldn't see a way to do this via dll call or REXX. The blacklst.cnf is plain text, though.


2016-01-03 09:12

developer   ~0003083

Thanks, Paul!

I'll let you know what we get.


2016-01-03 10:19

developer   ~0003084


Is mailer set to "/bin/mail -t %s" or...? If so, I'll just need to add a link or a script to redirect to sendmail.

Is default DOSLogDir set to /tmp, and should it recognize paths relative to the location from which httpd.exe was started, e.g., "logs/"?


2016-01-03 10:28

administrator   ~0003085

This was a simple compile. No attempts were made to 'port' this in anyway.
from mod_evasive20.c:

#define MAILER "/bin/mail %s"
#define DEFAULT_LOG_DIR "/tmp" // Default temp directory


2016-01-03 10:37

developer   ~0003086

That's fine, as long as I know. Thanks!

Resolving this. Any further issues will be reported separately.

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