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Summary0000651: GhostScript 9.15 dependencies
DescriptionI just downloaded GS 9.15 to give it a try. It bombs and the system complains

SYS1804: System cannot find file GCC491

I guess this is some GCC DLL. None, or where to find them, are mentioned in the readme.os2, except libc065.dll
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2015-04-08 05:46

developer   ~0003033

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No argument on the documentation tweak, I guess, but it's always helpful to just have a quick look at:

when these things occur. It looks like the latest drop of the gcc4core wpi came down in February:


This includes everything through 4.9.2.



2015-04-08 06:12

reporter   ~0003034

Yes, well, I just got it from GCC 4.9.1 AFTER downloading 4.9.2, which I thought would include it, silly me -- I didn't remember has more GCC files, either. That's why it's important to state where to get stuff.

Anyway, with gcc491.dll in place, gs 9.15 works properly (view PS and PDF files, produce PDFs) here so far for the first time since 9.04 I think.


2015-04-08 06:54

administrator   ~0003035

I'll try build GS 9.16 soonish and ensure the documentation more accurately refelcts any DLL requirements.


2021-04-10 07:40

administrator   ~0003633

bww now maintains ghostscript

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