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0000647PHP 5.x for OS/2 & eComStationBugpublic2021-04-09 19:26
ReporterLewisRAssigned Topsmedley 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.4.36 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000647: active_connections listed in php_info() for mysqlnd stats starts with non-zero value
DescriptionOutput from php_info(), mysqlnd section, with stats collection enabled in php.ini starts with all zero values except active_connections, which reads:

active_connections 18446744073709551436

(Wow! That's a lot of active connections!)
Additional InformationThe value will increment to match the connect_success count.

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2015-01-24 18:50

developer   ~0003018

Oddly, in the VM, I can't get the stats counters to work at all with apparently matching settings in php.ini. All values there read zero, regardless whether I am loading pages pulled from a database or not, and I must be using mysqlnd, so not sure what's up with that, yet.


2021-04-09 19:26

administrator   ~0003621

PHP 5.4 is EOL - please test with newer PHP

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