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Summary0000645: Consider building Suhosin for PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6
DescriptionI feel guilty about even posting a porting request knowing what is going on in SA right now, but I know I'll forget if don't get this posted.

As of mid-2014, Suhosin has come back fairly strong from a long hiatus: . As an extension (vs a patch), this could prove quite effective to having PHP protect itself (from itself). I have only started investigating it. As we approach greater stability for Apache and PHP, I see this as a valuable asset for us on OS/2, though I have no idea how much effort may be required to build it (or to properly configure it).
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2015-01-04 18:31

administrator   ~0003003

This was fairly trivial. A build for PHP 5.4 is at


2015-01-04 18:37

developer   ~0003004

Egad, man... Don't you have more pressing things at hand? :-) You're too much!

Thanks. Of course, there goes my Sunday, once I get some sleep.



2015-01-04 18:40

administrator   ~0003005

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Things have settled a lot today - at least for our locality - others aren't so lucky - but the danger areas are *well* away from us and dad.

PS I've only checked that this loads, I haven't tried to make it do anything useful.

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