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0000629ImageMagickBugpublic2014-10-16 17:16
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PlatformOCOSeCSOS Version2.2 beta
Summary0000629: backslashes in output paths don't work
DescriptionIf you use backslashes (\) inside the path for an output (target) file it doesn't work. Slashes (/) are working. For input files backslahes working like expected.
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2014-10-15 09:02

administrator   ~0002891

ok, i maybe see how to fix this....


2014-10-15 17:51

reporter   ~0002892

Last edited: 2014-10-15 19:50

Maybe this is not related to this issue, however:
Here convert.exe need two steps to convert (no tested all formats):
[c:\imagemagick\bin]set MAGICK_CONFIGURE_PATH=C:\imagemagick\lib\ImageMagick-6.8.9\config-Q16
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG C:\DESKTOP\test.png
[c:\imagemagick\bin]start ib c:\desktop\test.png
on PM pop-up "Unable to open test.png (rc=6522)"
the second
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG C:\DESKTOP\test.png
[c:\imagemagick\bin]start ib c:\desktop\test.png
The same occurr with all my builds (6.8.9 and previous) and affect also the library, since the latest Qt converseen i.e. (, need two steps to convert, and fail if the destination path is on a different drive. I was waiting for your update to confirm this strange behaviour and report it.
No idea until now, but really, i've never investigate so much, since i was convinced it was a minor bug afflicting only the versions in question.


2014-10-16 17:16

reporter   ~0002893

Yes, it is related to the same issue, and it is also randomly, into the same session:
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG x:\test3.png
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG c:\desktop\test3.png
not works
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG c:/desktop/test3.png
[c:\imagemagick\bin]convert DSC_2227.JPG c:\desktop\test3.png
the same for library

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