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0000617PHP for OS/2, ArcaOS & eComStation (PHP versions v8.x v7.x v5.x)Feature Requestpublic2022-05-14 16:16
ReporterLewisR Assigned Topsmedley  
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Summary0000617: Investigate building Zend OPcache for PHP 5.3 - 5.5
DescriptionIt looks like APC is becoming passé. According to:

OPcache is to be merged with the 5.5 distro, and Zend is offering the code under their license.
Additional InformationI'm not necessarily convinced that any of my sites (mainly WordPress, a couple Joomla installs, and now, TYPO3, with some Mantis and MediaWiki thrown in for good measure) would benefit, though I'll try some isolated testing on a *nix box.

Meanwhile, if you're bored, Paul, here's the link to the source, which is supposed to be good for PHP 5.2 on up (though they say that 5.2 support is likely to be orphaned):


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2014-07-20 18:50

administrator   ~0002783

I have my hands full with apr-unix right now - but will try get to it...


2014-08-01 19:24

administrator   ~0002792

You are running PHP 5.3?


2014-08-01 23:40

developer   ~0002793

Indeed, I am, Paul (5.3.28).


2014-08-02 06:38

administrator   ~0002794

Not tested at all, but please try

Needs mmap.dll and pthr01.dll from rpm


2014-08-02 11:48

developer   ~0002795

Not quite there yet, Paul. ;-)

[Fri Aug 01 22:04:28 2014] [info] mod_ssl/2.2.27 compiled against Server: Apache/2.2.27, Library: OpenSSL/1.0.1h
Fri Aug 1 22:04:30 2014 (537390048): Fatal Error Unable to allocate shared memory segment of 134217728 bytes: mmap: Permission denied (13)
Creating 00C3_01.TRP

The above is with php.ini configured as:



(The same error occurs if using the default memory consumption of 64MB.)

[j:\apps\apache2]dir j:\usr\lib\mmap.dll

11-02-11 12:14 8,574 124 mmap.dll

[j:\apps\apache2]dir j:\usr\lib\pthr01.dll

 4-25-14 15:49 7,879 124 pthr01.dll

PMdll reports intermittent issues loading gcc444.dll (even after I have libpath set as I normally do to start Apache), but I don't think that's it. Both mmap.dll and pthr01.dll are in libpath. Is there any way to test mmap to make sure that it is working as expected? Both modules seem to load their dependencies (according to PMdll).

TRP file, attached.


2014-08-02 11:52

developer   ~0002796

I should add the following:

The above was run on my ThinkPad t43, using the 14.105_UNI kernel(though I got similar results on my test server).


THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to build (and hopefully debug) this!



2014-08-02 12:00

developer   ~0002797

Possible help for the permission denied message (WAG):


2014-08-02 19:16

administrator   ~0002798 is refreshed - no idea if it works, bu apache2/php starts now

It was a limitation of our mmap implementation.

I had to add code to make it work with out mmap


2014-08-03 01:55

developer   ~0002799

Thanks, Paul. Testing now (late start on the day).

Did you mean "make it work with *our* mmap," or "make it work *without* mmap," BTW?



2014-08-03 02:31

developer   ~0002800

Scratch that last question, Paul. Please see 008F_05.TRP, attached.

Apache starts, and non-PHP requests respond fine. As soon as PHP is called, we get an "uncommitted memory allocated by MMAP" error thrown from LIBC065.

Getting closer, though (I think). At least we can start, now.



2014-08-03 07:44

administrator   ~0002801

hmmm... I going to have a crack at building a PHP 5.5 built with opcache enabled - at least then configure will try detect which mmap features are implemented rather than me hacking things manually... will let you know how I go.

fyi I can repeat the failure you're seeing here too


2014-08-14 14:24

developer   ~0002815

Paul, my mmap seems to be:

Name : mmap
Arch : i386
Version : 20111102
Release : 8.oc00
Size : 778 k
Repo : installed
From repo : netlabs-rel-2rosenthals
Summary : A memory mapped emulation for OS/2-eComStation
License : unknown
Description: A memory mapped files emulation library.

Is this the same one against which you are building (or trying to build) the opcache module? I'm wondering if Yuri might be of some help in this regard, as I am coming up empty even trying to find sources for this.

Here's a quick snippet from a conversation earlier today concerning performance improvement with opcache (on Linux x64) with a local copy of a WordPress 3.9.2 site currently hosted on my box:


I then installed Opcache ( which
made quite a difference. Generation times of pages dropped to 0.3-0.5
seconds [from >2], with an occasional long load on the first hit and some
operations after that, but overall the site felt a lot more responsive.


It seems that WordPress is a pig (well, that's not news), and static file cache only gets us part of the way. The PHP itself is just bulky (bloated).

Anyway, please let me know if I can help in any way, other than leaving you to get to this as time permits. ;-)



2014-08-16 07:03

administrator   ~0002818

I don't understand right now why opcache isn't working.

Is it worth revisiting apc in the meanwhile?


2014-08-16 07:16

developer   ~0002819

As a stopgap measure, it might be worth trying - as long as you do not have to invest significant time and energy, which would both be better spent here, for longer term reward.

I don't recall whether you looked at APC previously. seems to indicate that "all" that should be required to build APC is pcre (famous last words...LOL). If that is truly the case, then I say let's give it a shot, as *some* optimizer is better than *no* optimizer, and this code isn't getting any slimmer (sad to say).



2014-08-16 07:48

administrator   ~0002820

well i got an apc.dll pretty quickly.... but it crashes pthreads on startup.

Will have another look this afternoon - gotta get outta bed soon as we're off to dad's for lunch :)


2014-08-16 07:52

developer   ~0002821

FYI, Yuri dropped a new pthreads just yesterday. Might be worth trying later on.

Enjoy lunch!


2014-08-17 16:43

administrator   ~0002824

I spoke with Dmik on IRC last night about the Permission Denied error using anonymous mmap. As he's currently working on mmap, he's suggested he should be able to take a look soon. I've given him a simple testcase that shows the issue.


2014-08-17 19:04

administrator   ~0002825

to be clearer:
[21:18:17] <dmik> Smedles: re
[21:18:38] <dmik> re mmap, I only implemented support for the offset field so far - and this works now
[21:19:16] <dmik> if you mail me more details about your failing mmap case - there is a good chance I'll look at it within the current update cycle as well


2014-08-19 13:15

developer   ~0002826

Last edited: 2014-08-19 13:15

Sometimes, it really pays to know the right people at the right time, and to try to do right by them (all the time). Thanks so much for bringing this up to him, and I'll drop him a note, as well.

This looks like we're moving in the right direction. Kind of like when Andy and I were working on getting a usable OpenVPN, and finally (as you may recall), it came down to the tap/tun driver only having tap support and no tunneling support; we could have tried different compilers and different options 'til the cows came home, and still we would have been all dressed up with nowhere to go. :-O



2014-08-19 19:24

administrator   ~0002827

<Smedles> btw any time yet to look at my mmap issue?
<truedmik> yes, I will do it this week while updating wpstk and mmap SVNs


2014-08-22 17:13

reporter   ~0002828

see ticket for progress


2022-05-14 16:16

administrator   ~0004257

opcache is included in PHP 7 and above

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