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0000589Other Unix PortBugpublic2014-01-08 05:42
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Summary0000589: ncFTP 3.2.5 fails to execute some local commands
DescriptionInitially, ncFTP was hardcoded to look for executables in /bin. Recent builds are supposed to look under %UNIXROOT/bin (I would suppose). While lls works, lmkdir fails, as does lrm, etc.
Steps To ReproduceStart ncFTP.
Issue l-command (lrm, lchmod, lmkdir, lrmdir, etc.)
Additional InformationTested with lmkdir, lrmdir, lrm, lchmod. lpage seems to work, but can't find my pager (more.exe), as that's not under %UNIXROOT/bin (I wish I could get less building without the terminal issues, but that's a different matter!). Also, lpwd seems to work.

Example output:

ncftp> lmkdir test
Unknown command "    "

ncftp> lchmod 777 7-Zip/7z920,exe
Unknown command "    "

ncftp> lpage C:/CONFIG.SYS
Unknown command "    more.exe"
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2013-12-22 18:43

administrator   ~0002594 will hopefully fix this one.


2013-12-24 16:50

developer   ~0002597

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Tested with, which I hope incorporated these changes.

The only oddities I encountered, aside from the case-sensitivity of the commands themselves (LLS is unrecognized, though not unexpected), was with lrmdir:

ncftp> lrmdir c:/test/
SYS0002: The system cannot find the file specified. "C:\"
ncftp> lrmdir /test
There are no more files. "C:\.exe"
There are no more files. "C:\test"

lpwd was c:/ - the directory was, in fact deleted, and here were no executables harmed during the filming of this operation. :-)


2014-01-08 05:42

developer   ~0002639

Still more...

I was going to open a separate bug for this, as it may indeed be just the wildcard which is causing this, however, we'll start here:

ncftp / > cd /j/app
    (no matches)
ncftp / > cd /j/APPS/apache2/htdocs/
ncftp ...htdocs/ > put *
Unknown command "ls.exe -d *"
ncftp ...htdocs/ > put *.*
Unknown command "ls.exe -d *.*"
ncftp ...htdocs/ > put ./*
Unknown command "ls.exe -d ./*"
ncftp ...htdocs/ > mput *
Unknown command "ls.exe -d *"

From a prompt on the local machine, "ls.exe -d *" works as expected (without the quotes, of course); it is in the path.

Likewise, "get *" works as expected (but that's not calling ls.exe).

Thanks, Paul!

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