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0000054ImageMagickpublic2022-05-14 06:38
Reporterfbakan Assigned Topsmedley  
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Summary0000054: convert/mogrify ... -draft "x,x text" ... does not work with lang=de_DE
DescriptionThe option ... -draft "x,x text" ...
does not work (does not write text to the image)
if the env-variable
is set to

if lang=de the -draft option works as expected.

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2006-07-16 00:00

administrator   ~0000173

I'm hoping to look at Imagemagick today - so will try see why this is borked too.


2006-07-16 01:05

administrator   ~0000174

Interesting - locale.xml includes:
  <include locale="de_DE.ISO-8859-1" file="deutsch.xml" />

but there is no deutsch.xml included anywhere in the imagemagick source....

I assume that setting lang=de gets around this as there is no known language de so imagemagick defaults to english

if you set lang=xyz then the command you posted also works...


2006-07-16 01:07

administrator   ~0000175

This thread might mean more you you than to me?


2006-07-17 21:11

reporter   ~0000179

the thread is about translating english.xml to deutsch.xml for contributing a localized version of imagemagic. It ends with a beta file deutsch.xml being available. Nothing more. Not related to the original problem.

The problem still exists in 6.2.8.

the -draw option still does not work with


but it works with

also tried

set locale=de_DE.ISO-8859-1

does not help.

does not talk about which lang / locale variable it expects.
Also tried to play with deutsch.xml with different variations of lang and locale, but nothing worked. I only get german messages if I edit english.xml
and translate to german.

Perhaps it's a libc - issue



2022-05-14 06:38

administrator   ~0004250

Please test with a supported release and if this is still an issue, open a new ticket.

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