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Summary0000539: Cmake
DescriptionHi Paul, as i ask on irc see...

I think you'll have to report these CMake issues to the guy who is porting CMake to Os2 - so far I see 3:
1) not finding packages properly (namely Qt, QCA, libgadu)
2) requiring to always install LIBRARY target files if there are target files specified in the install() command
 3) failing to deal with too long parameter lists - it'd be probably easiest to always put lists of object files to link to file and specify that file through "@"


Please if you have time try to run cmake .. and see if all is recognized, mean qca2 libgadu, qmake, zlib

CMake Error at
 Could NOT find Qt4 (missing: QT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE) (Required is at least
 version "4.7.0")
Call Stack (most recent call first):

 cmake/FindKadu.cmake:18 (find_package)
 plugins/autoresponder/CMakeLists.txt:9 (include)

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2012-05-17 07:02

reporter   ~0002268

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Hi Paul, this is for 2)

All other platform the install() command under else has no problems
on Os2 it caused an error
CMake Error at kadu-core/CMakeLists.txt:268 (install): install TARGETS given no LIBRARY DESTINATION for shared library target "kaducore".

everything starting from the https gitorious link, end to and including "there was this error in your old logs" is an answer to the cmake porter

Btw Join #kadu on freenode and ask Beevvy

He found a other one:

and this wrong include order is definitely a bug in cmake os2 port, trying to define it:
4) CMake Os2 port does not specify unix include path (q:/usr/include for example, I guess it's available through some environment variable) in CMAKE_{C,CXX}_IMPLICIT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES, probably also things like CMAKE_SYSTEM_INCLUDE_PATH would be useful to define -- see UnixPaths.cmake and WindowsPaths.cmake in Modules/Platform for reference how it's done

and if you like, you can give him my contact, I could try to answer his question if he would have any


2012-05-17 18:08

reporter   ~0002269

Paul, if you have the git clone done, do this also for all the os2 changes...

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master
git checkout os2-wip


2022-05-14 16:38

administrator   ~0004281

I no longer maintain cmake

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