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0000523Perl for OS/2Bugpublic2012-01-26 00:21
Reportershmuel Assigned To 
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PlatformAMD dual coreOSeComStationOS Version2.0 GA
Summary0000523: Missing exe files
DescriptionThe Perl 5.14.2 build is missing more.exe and sh.exe. That breaks perldoc.
Steps To Reproduceperl F:\perl5\usr\local\scripts\perldoc -v $'
Additional InformationI was trying to test whether the most recent perldoc still loses CR.
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2012-01-25 18:24

administrator   ~0002192

I have no more.exe on my system...

In relation to sh.exe - I'd rather not include a build that's not part of Perl.

I've updated readme.os2 as follows:
If sh.exe can't be found in \bin; then use the PERL_SH_DIR environment variable to set the location with *forward slashes*. The recommended shell to use as sh.exe is available from (rename ash.exe to sh.exe)


2012-01-26 00:21

reporter   ~0002193

You might also add text suggesting that those with firefix installed set PERL_SH_DIR to bootdrive:/moztools and edit lib\5.10.0\os2\ to specify EXECSHELL as one of 'ash', 'ksh' or 'pdksh'.

Have you tried perldoc on your system? Please see [perl #108872].

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