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0000507Perl for OS/2Bugpublic2012-01-06 22:33
Reportershmuel Assigned To 
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OSeComStationOS Version2.0 GA 
Summary0000507: Perl 5.10.0 is missing perlinstall
DescriptionPerl 5.10.0 is missing perlinstall.pod, causing pod2ipf to terminate without writing anything in perl.ipf.

<<<doing file for `perlinstall'
Use of uninitialized value $fname in open at H:\vendors\cpan\pod2ipf-1.27.cmd line 768.
Use of uninitialized value $fname in concatenation (.) or string at H:\vendors\cpan\pod2ipf-1.27.cmd line 768.
perlinstall: open `': No such file or directory at H:\vendors\cpan\pod2ipf-1.27.cmd line 768.
Steps To Reproducecd pod-directory
pod2ipf 2>\error-file
Additional InformationThere are also 'no NAME' and 'Not matching' error messages, but I believe that those only cause partial entries in the TOC, not complete failure.

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pod2ipf-1.27.cmd (80,559 bytes)
pod2ipf134.cmd (85,989 bytes)



2012-01-03 18:48

administrator   ~0002129

no idea where this is supposed to come from, doesn't exist in my source tree:
[U:\DEV\perl-5.10.0]dir perlinstall* /s/p

The volume label in drive U is Dev.
The Volume Serial Number is 417C:05BE.

SYS0002: The system cannot find the file specified.


2012-01-04 05:26

reporter   ~0002133

I've uploaded the versions of pod2ipf that I've been using, with my debugging changes, including a change to sub output_file to make the error nonfatal.

   if (not -f "./$fname") { # Protect 'B::C.pod' from accessing B drive
     unless ($fname = $modnamehash{$ftitle}) {print STDERR "!!! $ftitle not found\n"; return};

The relevant code for perlinst is

   push @files, [ 'perlinstall', 'Installation/compilation of Perl'];

  if (-f '../INSTALL' and not -f 'perlinstall.pod') {
      copy '../INSTALL', 'perlinstall.pod';


2012-01-05 08:25

administrator   ~0002137

Perl 5.14.2 has the following *install*/pm/.pod's:

Directory of U:\perl5\lib\5.14.2\ExtUtils

 3/01/12 19:07 40,627 124 ---r
 3/01/12 19:07 13,993 124 ---r
        2 file(s) 54,620 bytes used

Directory of U:\perl5\lib\5.14.2\Pod

 3/01/12 19:07 13,389 124 a--r perlmodinstall.pod
        1 file(s) 13,389 bytes used

Perhaps perlinstall.pod was removed at some point?


2012-01-05 08:32

administrator   ~0002139

A pre-release of Perl 5.14.2 is available from


2012-01-06 03:04

reporter   ~0002148

There is a patch to CPANPLUS to add the missing descriptions to the name sections; I believe that it is still in testing. There's a thread in comp.lang.perl.misc that discusses some of the other issues. I'll send an update to Ilya once I either have everything resolved or reach an impasse.


2012-01-06 22:33

reporter   ~0002149

The fix for the incomplete NAME sections should be in <>.

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