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0000005Tuxpaint for OS/2 & eComStationpublic2006-04-14 01:31
ReporterrbriAssigned Topsmedley 
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Summary0000005: program directory not mentioned for resorce search
DescriptionHave installed the program in d:\progs\tuxpaint.
But at sturtup the program searches for some resouces (wav, title.png...) at \tuxpaint\... Starting the application failes.
If the program is installed at D:\tuxpaint then it starts correct.

Don't know if this is a linux feature of if something is broken in your port.

BTW Many Thanks from my son (6 years) he really has fun with the program
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2006-04-14 01:30

administrator   ~0000010

Hi - this was a problem in the original package and should be corrected now.

I forgot to reupload the fixed package to os2world :(

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