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0000004Apache 2.x public2006-04-13 16:08
Reporterdanik Assigned Topsmedley  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionv2.2.0 
Summary0000004: beta2: several DLLs are built against libc061X
Description contains several module DLLs (e.g. include.dll, env.dll, ...) which are built against libc061X (note the X). But I have no file libc061X.DLL.
Additional InformationApache reports the following error while starting up and exits immediately after this error:
bin\\httpd: Syntax error on line 227 of ./conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load D:/apache
2/modules/env.dll into server: SYS0002: Die angegebene Datei konnte nicht gefund
en werden. (LIBC061X)
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2006-04-13 15:56

administrator   ~0000009

This is a packaging error. Those modules are now preloaded into httpd.dll so don't need to be loaded again (and would give an error if you tried).

PS - Recommend you try httpd 2.2.1 from the site :)


2006-04-13 16:08

administrator   ~0000012

Updated package uploaded to to replace old one.

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