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0000346Other Unix PortBugpublic2009-04-23 01:37
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Summary0000346: SMTP demon over stunnel causes high CPU spike in CPU usage of mail server.
DescriptionWe run a weasel SMTP demon in the Mensys office that collects the email. It connects over an stunnel connection to our main mail server where communigate receives the email. When I use Inetmail or Weasel (the servers I have tried so far) to send out email over stunnel the CPU usage goes high the moment an email is transmitted over stunnel. The CPU usage is not high when the weasel receives an email from the Mensys LAN. But it goes high when it transmits it over Stunnel to our mail server. If weasel sends it directly to the mailserver (not over stunnel) weasel does not have a high cpu spike of 99%.

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