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0000310ScummVM for OS/2 & eComStationBugpublic2009-02-22 20:56
ReporterErdmann Assigned Topsmedley  
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Summary0000310: ScummVM 0.12.0 does not play voices
DescriptionWhen I try to run DOTT, I hear the music but I don't hear any speech.
The console window tells me why:

WARNING: loadVOCFromStream: Invalid header !
WARNING: startSfxSound failed to load sound!

The very same game plays perfectly well under ScummVM for WinXP (with speech).
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2009-01-27 06:41

reporter   ~0001105

Digging a bit further into it:
the trailer plays well, with all sound and voices. However the main game does not play voices. I have the CD-ROM version will full voices.
By the way: I have tried with and without
but it makes no difference.


2009-01-27 13:22

administrator   ~0001107

Looking at the error, I'd guess some kind of ascii vs binary issue - will try and have a quick look tonight


2009-02-21 15:58

administrator   ~0001147

can you try with


2009-02-22 20:51

reporter   ~0001151

I tried scummvm 0.13.0. It gives the same error as 0.12.0.
Is it possible that it is some path issue and I have to start scummvm from a specific directory ? Currently I start it from the directory scummvm.exe is located in.


2009-02-22 20:56

reporter   ~0001152

Forgot to say: because I was too lazy to install SDL I am "resuing" the one that comes with Battle of Wesnoth (I am setting ENDLIBPATH to point to SDL12.dll in the wesnoth\bin directory).
Is that an issue ?

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