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0000309Subversion for OS/2 & eCSBugpublic2009-01-27 19:33
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Summary0000309: Not able to enable pre-revprop-change hook for svnserve
DescriptionI tried to make my repository accept revision propchanges. I adapted the template and tried both with a REXX script and a C program in the right directory of the repository. I always get an error that the repository is not enabled to take propchanges. Checkout, checkin, merge etc. all work perfectly fine.

This is running subversion 1.5.5 on eCS 1.2R using Turtoise SVN to check out and in some STATA (stats package) code and csv data files.
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pre-revprop-change.cmd (2,931 bytes)
pre-revprop-change.exe (32,256 bytes)
pre-revprop-change.c (413 bytes)   
/* hook script for subversion in c form to get an *.exe file */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

   if(argc!=6) {
      printf("Wrong number of arguments (%i). Provide REPOS REV USER PROPNAME ACTION.\n", argc-1);
      return 1;

   if(strcmp(argv[5],"M")==0 & strcmp(argv[4],"svn:log")==0) {
      /* printf("Success"); */
      return 0;

pre-revprop-change.c (413 bytes)   



2009-01-27 19:33

reporter   ~0001108

Copy the attached executable or REXX script into the 'hooks' subdirectory of your repository. This should enable property changes (for instance log entry edits). Does not do so here. I wonder if svnserve/2 actually tries to execute a pre-revprop-change executable/script.

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