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0000291Perl for OS/2Bugpublic2012-01-26 18:44
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Summary0000291: No usable documentation for Perl 5.1.0
DescriptionAfter installing Perl 5.10.0 from perl5100.wpi, there was no usable documentation. The old perl.inf was not installed, OS/2 does not have a man command and the output from Perldoc has the problem described in issue 235.
Additional InformationI couldn't invoke Perldoc as documented; I had to exploicitly invoke Perl. I didn't try adding an extproc line, since Perldoc doesn't have a cmd extension.
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2012-01-02 03:25

reporter   ~0002124

I can now explain why pod2ipf.cmd is unusable. In Perl 5.8, the POD documentation for foo::bar with description baz included the POD text

=head1 NAME

foo::bar - baz

In 5.10 it's just

=head1 NAME


The code in pod2ipf requires that the description be present.


2012-01-06 03:00

reporter   ~0002147

At this point in time I have a version of pod2ipf that will handle a missing file without terminating. It still has half a dozen bugs that I'm trying to track down.


2012-01-21 01:12

reporter   ~0002181

Last edited: 2012-01-21 01:13

I can't test anything in Perl 5.14.2 until 0000515 is resolved. Meanwhile I have an updated pod2ipf.cmd from Ilya, which is not in CPAN.


2012-01-26 18:44

administrator   ~0002198

Note also that the wpi is NOT from me

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