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0000232MySQL v5 for OS/2 & eComStationBugpublic2022-05-14 06:53
Reporterswolf Assigned Topsmedley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAcerAltos 21000 (Dual Xeon PII )OSWarp Server for e-businessOS VersionVersion 4.50
Summary0000232: InnoDB crashs on SMP (dual processor) System
DescriptionOn a WSeB system with 2 CPUs innodb crashes randomly during insert operations
into a table with app. 86000 rows or during a "check table" operation for
this table
Steps To Reproducesee description
Additional InformationSetting mysql.exe for single-processor operation using EXECMODE.EXE from
OS/2-WSeB, innodb seems to run more stable.
But, there were still 2 crashes in the last week.
(see error.log)
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mysql-error.log (676,948 bytes)



2008-01-28 05:26

administrator   ~0000826

Which version/build of MySQL?


2008-01-28 07:10

reporter   ~0000827


2022-05-14 06:53

administrator   ~0004260

Please re-test with a supported version of MySQL and reopen if this is still an issue.

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