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Summary0000157: Port Hercules to OS/2
DescriptionHercules is an IBM mainframe emulator that is available for *nix and Windows platforms that runs 370/390/XA/Z software. As IBM uses OS/2 as the support platform for their P/370 and P/390 products there are already OS/2 utilities and modules available that make OS/2 ideal as a platform for Hercules. For further information see the Hercules web site:
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2007-10-02 02:52

reporter   ~0000762

There appears to be a more current link for the Hercules web site:

This is also becoming a more urgent need on my part. Given this we might consider offering compensation for porting this package to OS/2 and eCS. If you are not interested in porting this package but know of someone who would be interested in the work let me know. I would need to weigh the cost of porting against learning to use and support hercules on a linux server, so this is not a sure thing.


2007-10-03 13:57

administrator   ~0000763

Hi Dave - let me do some investigation on how much effort would be required...

I'll try and look at that some time in the next week or so...


2007-12-21 08:03

reporter   ~0000785

I would also be very interrested in this application being ported to OS/2. I would definately test it out for you, and help others use it. Just let me know whatever I can do to help... John.


2008-03-07 07:01

reporter   ~0000831

Any idea when you will get a chance to take another stab at this?


2008-10-23 02:08

reporter   ~0001010

I was looking at your recent updates to gcc and see that you have untested cygwin support with the latest 4.3.2 release. Hercules can be compiled with cygwin under windows, so perhaps this would be a good test case for you. If it works you could add another package ported to OS/2 that could be helpful to me and possibly a few others.


2009-04-28 06:04

reporter   ~0001301

Last edited: 2009-04-28 06:19

Any chance you will get a chance to look at this in the near future? Would a corporate sponsorship of some sort help? We are not a large firm, but given this could provide us with a backup plan for disaster recovery it is certainly worth something to us.

PS: There appears to be a January, 2009 release available now for download at
    the Hercules site. I have downloaded and installed your build environment,
    but I am a novice at using it and c or c++ coding so it is questionable if I
    would be of any help in actually running builds. Of course I can try if you
    would want me to do so and you were willing to help me over the bumps in
    getting it to build and actually run under OS/2.

    I see you have recently release a newer gcc, would using a newer release
    be expected to make a difference? What would I need to change to integrate
    the newer version into your build environment?

    Thanks again for your work for OS/2.



2009-04-28 07:08

administrator   ~0001302

Hi Dave, I can try and help you along.... my time is pretty stretched right now, so I would not be comfortable with accepting any kind of sponsorship for a specific port that I don't know if I can complete.

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