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0000015MySQL v5 for OS/2 & eComStationpublic2006-04-26 13:10
ReporterrgehrigAssigned Topsmedley 
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Summary0000015: Terminal Settings not there
DescriptionJust tried 5.0.19 and I am seeing a problem with the client.

The error message is below:

No entry for terminal type "vt100";
using dumb terminal settings.

Additional InformationThis seems to be a termcap issue, I have seen this with MySQL 4.1.7 as well.

In MySQL 4.0.18 it worked.
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2006-04-22 12:50

administrator   ~0000030

This isn't a bug as such - it's due to a requirement of the ncurses library.

set TERM=os2
set TERMINFO=c:/emx/share/terminfo

fixes this here.

If you don't have a c:\emx\share\terminfo directory, contains the files.


2006-04-26 13:10

administrator   ~0000044


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