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0000669Other Unix PortFeature Requestpublic2016-06-16 19:10
ReporterDavid McKenna 
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PlatformIntelOSeCSOS Version2.1
Summary0000669: Scribus fails with Python error
Description   I occasionally use Scribus 1.4.5, and it has worked well. Today I tried starting it and it crashed when trying to load 'Scriptpl'. My POPUPLOG is full of this:

06-12-2016 13:28:35 SYS2070 PID 0069 TID 0001 Slot 00d1

  According to Netlabs, this is because of an upgrade for Python to use UCS4 charset. They claim Scribus needs to be re-built using it in order to work.
Steps To Reproduce Install Netlabs Python. Start Scribus.
Additional Information Maybe an opportunity to build the latest Scribus 1.4.6?
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psmedley (administrator)

As a workaround, you could remove scriptpl.dll - unleess you're using scribus scripting, this will have no impact.

I'll try look at Scribus 1.4.6, I didn't know it was out - they usually ping me when they tag a new release.

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