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0000632GCC - GNU C CompilerBugpublic2014-12-27 09:22
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Summary0000632: gcc491 with -static

If executing gcc491 with -static without -o, then ld fails due to -static-o.

And if executing gcc491 with -static with -o, then ld fails due to undefined sysmbols.

This is true for gcc335. I opened a ticket at klibc, and attached patches. If possible, would you mind reviewing and applying the patches ?

kLIBC ticket: http://trac.netlabs.org/libc/ticket/318
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psmedley (administrator)

per Knut's comments, this breaches licenses, hence is deliberately made difficult...


komh (reporter)

But -static-o problem was fixed. Possible ?


psmedley (administrator)

yes, pretty sure I fixed static-o - the fix might even be in GCC 4.9.2 already


komh (reporter)

Sorry, I don't use gcc492. It missed some headers. For this, I sent you an email before. Will it be fixed, too ?


psmedley (administrator)

Fixed in 4.9.2

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