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0000622Other Unix PortBugpublic2016-01-08 01:01
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Summary0000622: ncFTP 3.2.5 tries to call ls.exe for internal functions instead of ls
DescriptionSome functions of ncFTP require the use of ncFTP's internal ls:

put *

(normally executes "ls -d *" to build its internal list).

However, the above command actually causes ncFTP to attempt to execute:

ls.exe -d *

which fails (apparently because ls.exe is not mapped to the internal ls command)
Steps To Reproduce1. Start ncFTP
2. Log into FTP server
3. Execute put *


Unknown command "ls.exe -d *"

Expected result:

All files in local directory should be uploaded (same as mput *, which yields the same error).
Additional InformationI thought this was a wildcard expansion problem until I realized that ncFTP really should not be trying to execute the external ls command but rather its own internal ls.
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LewisR (developer)

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Possibly related to issue 0000589 (note my comment 0000589:0002639).


LewisR (developer)

I am using ncftp-3.2.5-os2-20131222b.zip.

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