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0000491GCC - GNU C CompilerBugpublic2015-01-20 05:36
Assigned Topsmedley 
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Summary0000491: GCC 4.4.2 prepends an asterisk ('*') to the symbols with the _System attribute
DescriptionThe full description of the problem is here: http://svn.netlabs.org/libc/ticket/220 [^] (comment 3).

Back then, I fixed this in emxomf.exe but the correct place to fix the problem is GCC.

I can't recall any test case for that ATM though. I will post one if I'm able to reproduce it.

This applies to GCC 4.4.2 in the first place and I guess to all later versions as well.
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psmedley (administrator)

A testcase would be good - but I'm wondering if the latest GCC 4.4.6 (with the git.diff I sent you) still does this?

I will upload a new public build once I complete some more testing


dmik (reporter)

Paul, haven't you fixed this within https://github.com/psmedley/gcc/issues/9? By this change set (https://github.com/psmedley/gcc/commit/3aa27ca0f8bd03e83bfe52e9af5392ce89dea18f). If so, this one needs to be closed I think.


psmedley (administrator)


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